What Feeding and Nutrition Professionals Need to Know About Growth: how misperceptions harm and how to help

Explore one of the main issues that impact the work of pediatric feeding and nutrition professionals: weight and growth. Unnecessary worry about slow or low growth can worsen (and in some cases even cause) feeding problems. Misperceptions around weight, on the part of parents and professionals, hurt children and families. Discern when to worry and when you can reassure parents, and help support a responsive approach.

SPEAKER: Katja Rowell MD

DATE: Feb 8

TIME: 12 pm EST-1:30 with 20-30 minutes live Q and A

DURATION: 1.5 hours

COST: $37

1.5 CEUs pending for RDs

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Course Description
Learn how the biological norms of discontinuous growth and size diversity can be mistaken for growth faltering. Understand how growth charts were created and their limitations, as well as the danger of labels such as “underweight,” “failure to thrive” (common in the US), and “overweight.”  Consider misperceptions around infant and child growth and why they occur. With case examples, and samples of real growth charts, see how growth misperceptions can have long lasting, and negative consequences. 

With a whole-child lens, we’ll review what to look for when assessing growth. And finally, even though you may not be the one weighing the child or tasked with growth evaluation, with some background understanding of growth and charts, you’ll learn concrete ways to advocate for the children and families you serve.

 Learning Objectives

At the completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  1. Explain how child growth charts were created.
  2. List three reasons why we might question the clinical use of cutoffs and categories such as “underweight.”
  3. List three things that child feeding professionals can do to address weight misperceptions and help families understand growth.

Katja Rowell MD

Katja Rowell  is a family doctor, author and responsive childhood feeding specialist. Described as “academic, but warm and down to earth,” she is a popular speaker and blogger and has appeared in numerous publications. Katja has developed an expertise in anxious and avoidant eating (including ARFID), food preoccupation, and supporting foster and adopted children and families. Katja is on the SPOON medical advisory board and founder of The Feeding Doctor. Her books include: Helping Your Child with Extremely Picky Eating: A Step-by-Step Guide to Overcoming Selective Eating, Food Aversion, and Feeding Disorders.  Learn more about Katja at The Feeding Doctor.

CEU information:

1.5 CEUs expected for RDs

Certificates will be issued verifying participation in 1.5 hours of continuing education to SLPs and OTs. Check with your professional organization’s licensing bodies to determine exactly what may be accepted for you.


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