Our webinars

on demand coming in 2022

This webinar series is made up of six 90 minute webinars with RFT experts from multiple disciplines. It is aimed at professionals with a working knowledge of RFT. However, if RFT is new to you, there will be lots for you too. We also hope that seasoned pros will find some nuggets! 

 This series comes with CEUs for OTs, SLPs and RDs. We hope you are as excited and passionate about responsive feeding and RFT as we are. Learn more and register here. 

Coming in fall and into 2022…

We’ll be exploring a wide range of topics, including: a critical background on misperceptions about growth, nutrition, and self-regulation and how that impacts feeding and therapy; a research review on ‘pressure to eat’; the role of diet culture in the context of feeding challenges; assessing mealtimes and the feeding relationship; journal clubs on relevant research; food avoidance in children in bigger bodies; addressing anxiety (parent, child, and professional); working with adoptive and fostering families; the role of trauma, sensory regulation, and more. We invite suggested topics.

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