Session five –

“I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want…”: Intrinsic Motivation in Responsive Feeding Therapy

Session Description:

When a child has eating differences, loving caregivers and well-meaning professionals often try a multitude of strategies to get them unstuck. Unfortunately, strategies and therapies often move ahead with the focus of getting children to eat through external motivation. Instead, therapies and interventions should be focused on helping a child discover internal or intrinsic drives to eat. When children learn to trust, understand and be intrinsically motivated to eat, skill development improves and progress is lasting. In this course, we will explore the natural intrinsic motivations to eat, their importance, and practical strategies to help children and families uncover the internal drives to eat.

DURATION: 1.5 hours

Heidi Liefer Moreland MS, CCC-SLP, BCS-S

Heidi is a speech therapist and feeding specialist with Thrive by Spectrum Pediatrics.  Heidi is a self-proclaimed “research geek”, but also has 30 years of practical experience in working with children.  For the last 25 years she has specialized in working with children who have feeding challenges in a variety of settings.  Relying on her training in communication, childhood development and feeding and swallowing development, Heidi helps children develop a trusting relationship with food that allows their skills to flourish.  She loves helping children and families work together to develop happy and healthy mealtime communication and habits that will last and grow as they do.   Heidi supports families virtually and in-person and is a frequent speaker on pediatric feeding treatment nationally and internationally.   

Jennifer Berry, MS, OT/L

Jennifer Berry is an occupational therapist and feeding specialist with Thrive by Spectrum Pediatrics. Jennifer has more than 2 decades of experience helping children overcome challenges they face when it comes to eating. Using her extensive knowledge of learning, sensory processing, attachment, and motor skill development, Jennifer facilitates children’s abilities to trust, understand and relate to food now and long into the future. Coaching parents into confidence around feeding their kids and family mealtimes brings her great joy and impactful results to the families she serves. Jennifer supports families virtually and in-person through family mealtime coaching, remote responsive feeding therapy, and the Thrive by Spectrum Pediatrics Feeding Tube Weaning Program.

CEU information:

Certificates of attendance and RD CEU certificates are issued for the entire 9-hour Foundational Series.  Information can be found here.