An online learning platform for working with feeding and eating challenges within a responsive framework.


“I spent thousands learning from other well-known feeding conferences and trainings, but it didn’t solve all the problems I was seeing. Those strategies didn’t lead to sustainable changes and improved relationships with food and family. Responsive Feeding and Therapy was the answer I needed.”

                                       -Christian Hancock, M.S., CCC-SLP


Our mission is to champion evidence-informed best practice and share our passion for RFT with our professional community.

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What is RFT?

Responsive Feeding Therapy is an interdisciplinary approach to feeding and eating interventions applicable across the lifespan. It prioritizes autonomy, relationship and competence as the path to nurturing intrinsically motivated eating. RFT practitioners see each client as an individual while recognizing the wider social and interpersonal systems in which they exist. Read more about RFT here.

“All dietitians working with children or specializing in eating disorders would greatly benefit from training with RFPro.”

Anna M. Lutz, MPH, RD, CEDRD-S

“The foundational webinar series has added so much depth to the way I work. The values are so helpful for guiding families towards change and not losing sight of the bigger picture. Keep up the great work – the world needs you all ❤️”

Simone Mossop
Paediatric Clinical Nurse Specialist, Early Intervention Feeding Practitioner

“I loved the foundational series! It really spoke to me as a new clinician who wasn’t feeling great about the practices I was seeing.”

Daphnée Dubé, SLP

“I love that RFT is values-driven rather than protocol-driven. It’s exciting to hear evidence that helping caregivers understand the WHY and reframing the narrative can help create meaningful changes in feeding practices. It makes perfect sense to me that our approach must be individualized; with the majority of the families I work with, my work with the caregivers is as important, if not more important, than my work with the child.”

Meghan A. Thomas, SLP

“I wholeheartedly believe there is simply no other way to truly connect with and support families than with a responsive approach. This higher level of being able to support families with often very tense and difficult feeding situations has only been possible for me because of what I have learned from your group. A big thank you to all of you!”

Genevieve, RD

“I cannot speak highly enough of this approach.”

Thalia Prum, RD

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